Christmas 2014

I’m home for the next few days celebrating Christmas and New Years with my family and friends in Northern California.

I drove home on Sunday, the 21st – I didn’t hit any traffic until Modesto with all the people wanting to go to the mall… Which was awesome consisting what the drive could have been. My sister drove from LA to Ventura on Friday and it took her 3 hours!!! It’s awesome that gas prices are down but that just means more people on the road. I came home with an awesome cold – I have that sick voice that Phoebe loved in Friends! πŸ™‚ Plus, an awesome cough that’s been incredibly sexy…

My family gave me fun nail art stuff – I can’t wait to try more designs. On Christmas – I went with my family to see Into the Woods…I thought it would be a good movie – I was super disappointed. If you want to see the movie – go for it, but I definitely don’t recommend the movie… Sorry bout it.

On Christmas – we also went to It’s a Grind in the morning for coffee and then Chinese food for dinner.Β  Both examples of not having to the greatest customer service… With 4 and a half years of customer service behind me – when I get bad customer service – it hurts. The Chinese place was SUPER under staffed, so I felt bad for them. The barista from It’s a Grind – was just rude.

I’m now a blond… I’ll post pictures later after I’m done done with killing my hair. πŸ™‚

Blessing and Love,



For my Thanksgiving, I decided to stay in Southern California, and spend the holiday with my sister and her family, who live in Los Angles. After my drive down there through, not-so-bad traffic – I joined the girls in their coloring time!!!


It was a little weird to not be up north and with my other family and all the different people my mom invites to Thanksgiving dinner. But it was also nice, to be in my PJ’s most of the day and be able to relax because my sister wouldn’t let me do anything. πŸ™‚

But my mom didn’t forget me when it comes to her tradition of giving Christmas PJ’s, so we can wear them for the season.

V, L, and E in their Christmas PJ's from my mom!!
V, L, and E in their Christmas PJ’s from my mom!!
M and O in their Christmas PJ's!
M and O in their Christmas PJ’s!

After I got out of my PJ’s, my niece wanted to do my hair – which for her is combing my hair a little and putting a bow or something in it… But it was still fun, she said, ‘I look FAB-ulous!!”

M brushing my hair.
M brushing my hair.
My head was a little big...
My head was a little big…

Most of the afternoon was taken up with movies and selfies! πŸ™‚

S wouldn't get in the picture with us...
S wouldn’t get in the picture with us…

Side-note: S, he just turned 2 and the last few times I’ve come down he hasn’t liked me much. This trip – he was only like that for like 10 minutes when I first got there. And I got 3 kisses and a hug!!! Progress!!!



After our photo shoot in the bedroom with our cool Indian headbands, it was dinner time!!!!

Mario looking at a quick video on how to crave a turkey. :)
M-dad looking at a quick video on how to crave a turkey. πŸ™‚
O baking some cookies
O baking some cookies
My place setting with my name and everything!! Fancy!!
My place setting with my name and everything!! Fancy!!

I thought my sister would go a different routeΒ with cool non-traditional food for the day. But she kept it traditional with turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and gravy!!

Me after dinner! So good but so full! :)
Me after dinner! So good but so full! πŸ™‚

I pray everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and an amazing weekend!!

I can’t believe it is December already and we only have 30 more days of 2014!!! This year has just flown by. I hope and pray everyone takes the time to hug and love on their loved ones just a little longer in the coming weeks!!!

Blessings and Love,