Doctor WHO!!!!


Doctor Who!!!! My name is Jodi and I like Doctor Who…I am a Whoovian! Or at least, on the path to becoming one. I don’t remember all the universes, galaxies, monsters, and aliens that the doctor and his companions have been in contact with… But I do love the show and get super wrapped into it.

**The first real signs I was becoming a Whoovian – I had a doctor who dream where I was a companion! Second, when an innocent friend asked me what is Doctor Who? I went into this 30 minute discussion where I was the one dominating the conversation and I didn’t understand that she didn’t understand what I was talking about. 🙂

My friend, C, was the one to introduce me to Doctor Who – she loves everything British and so do I, but she was the first to get into the TV series. She was also talking about Sherlock Holmes. I started with Sherlock because it had way less episodes to get through – plus I knew more about Benedict (Sherlock) than David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Matt Smith (11th Doctor).

After a little while, I finally opened up to the series of Doctor Who, the reboot, starting with Christopher Eccleston (9th doctor). I got through series 1 pretty quickly. Then I was off to series 2 with a new doctor, David Tennant’s 10th Doctor. I was stalled in series 2 because I knew what was to come from what C had told me. I didn’t want to see the end of Rose, his companion at the time. I loved their relationship – it was so sweet, but also painful…

When I got into the series again after a few weeks, I had to power through the lose to move on… :'(

I saw on my Netflix account that Doctor Who might be unavailable as of the 1st of February 2015…So I started watching it WHENEVER I had a spare second – losing some sleep, watching the series into the night.

**Side-note – Netflix renewed their contract with BBC, so I can slow down a little…

But the real reason I’m writing this blog is to talk about my favorite Doctor/ Companion duo…

The DoctorDonna!!! 🙂

images (3)

Donna Noble shows up just after the Doctor has to say good-bye to Rose… Sad moment…. :'(

Moving on, she materializes in the TARDIS! It was a good episode and a nice change from all the sad romantic stuff with Rose. At the end of the episode she decided to not go off with the Doctor. Then we spend the rest of series 3 with another companion, Martha Jones. I liked her well enough but she really liked the doctor who wasn’t over Rose – those parts weren’t my favorite.

But by series 4, Donna Noble is there and again and this time she’s more than ready to go along with the doctor. What I loved about their relationship was they were JUST friends – mates. They enjoyed each others company and had fun but without all the romantic, complicated stuff to deal with.

What I really related to was that Donna just thought she was a temp, a nobody, nothing special… But the doctor never thought that – to him she was brilliant!!


Here is some dialogue from certain episodes that I really liked.

Episode 11 of series 4 – Turn Left

Donna (frustrated): Well, what do you keep telling ME for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special. I mean, I’m… I’m not, I’m nothing special, I’m a temp. I’m not even that, I’m nothing!

Rose: Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation.

Different scene, same episode…

Donna: But if he was so special, what was he doing with me?

Rose: He thought you were brilliant.

Donna: Don’t be stupid.

Rose: But you are! It just took the doctor to show you that, simply by being with him. He did that same to me. To everyone he touches.

Different scene:

Rose: I thought it was just the doctor we needed but it’s the both of you. The Doctor and Donna Noble together. To stop the stars from going out.

Different scene:

Fortune Teller (talking to Donna): You were so strong. What are you? What will you be? What will you be?

Different scene:

Doctor: Sometimes I think there’s way to much coincidence around you, Donna. I met you once. That I met your grandfather. Then I met you again. In the whole wide universe, I meet you for a second time. It’s like something’s bringing us together.

Donna: Don’t be so daft. I’m nothing special.

Doctor: Yes, you are, you’re brilliant.


Episode 13, series 4 – Journey’s End

Donna: But why me?

New Doctor: Cos you’re special.

Donna: Oh, I keep telling you, I’m not!

New Doctor: No, but you are. Oh. You really don’t believe that, do you? I can see Donna… what you’re thinking. All that attitude. All that lip. Cos all this time… you think you’re not worth it.

Donna: Stop it.

New Doctor: Shouting at the world, cos no-one’s listening. Well, why should they?

Donna: Doctor, stop it!

New Doctor: But look at what you did! No, it’s more than that, it’s  like… we were always heading for this. You came to the TARDIS. (starts in on voiceover) You found me again. Your granddad. Your car. Donna, your car, you-you parked your car right where the TARDIS was gonna land, that’s not coincidence at all! We’ve been blind! Something’s been drawing us together for such a long time.

Donna: But you’re talking like… destiny. There’s no such thing, is there?

Different scene, same episode…

Doctor: How d’you work that out? You…

New Doctor: Time Lord! Part Time Lord!

Donna: Part human! Oh, yes! That was a two-way biological metacrisis. Half Doctor. Half Donna.

Doctor: The DoctorDonna! Just like the Ood said, remember? They saw it coming! The DoctorDonna.

Donna taking the Time Lord consciousness was killing her, so the Doctor had to wipe her memory… No more DoctorDonna…:'(

I cried more from at the end of this episode than when Rose was stuck in a parallel universe…

Finally, the Doctor’s speech to Donna’s granddad after telling him that he must make sure that Donna never remembers their time together…

Doctor: I just want you to know there are worlds out there, safe in the sky, because of her. That there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble, a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her… While she can never remember… And for one moment… one shining moment… she was the most important woman in the while wide universe.

I loved Donna so much because I could definitely relate to her not feeling important, not special. But the faith and trust of one person helped her to see what she could  truly be. That one person for me is Jesus!! He helps me to feel special, someone worth dying for…

I pray no one feels like they are less than. Not special. Not important. Because everyone is special, has a special purpose! Don’t believe anyone or anything that tries to tell you different.

Am I reading too much into Doctor Who? Maybe, but Jesus is cool like that and meets us where we are at! I needed to hear that I was special and I wasn’t listening to Him, so I think he used Doctor Who! 🙂

Blessings and Love,





The Road to Blonde

So before we start is there a difference between blond and blondE? Is it like grey and gray? One is the English spelling and one is the American spelling?? Just wondering, if someone could tell me that would be great! 🙂

The Road to Blonde –

I didn’t plan on going blonde over the Holiday break. But my brother said he would cut and color my hair for Christmas. I just let him do whatever he wants, this time it was a pixie cut and taking me blonde! I have been blonde now for more than a week, I’m pretty much used to it… Some times anyway…

We started the journey on the 29th of December, a Sunday. I went to church with my mom and then we were on our way to Sac (Sacramento). We picked up my brother and went to the mall to return some things. Side-note: I got a new dress, shirt, and two pairs of shoes!

After that trip we were back to my brother house. He started by cutting it short.

At the start.
At the start.

Then the long journey started to take me from dark brown to blonde!!!

The product he used on my hair. Blonde Me!! :)
The product he used on my hair. Blonde Me!! 🙂

The first process we did for an hour!! Fry hair, FRY!!

Bye-Bye, Brown!
Bye-Bye, Brown!

Most people are asking me what brought about this drastic change… nothing really. I normally just let him do whatever he wants. So pixie cut and blonde… onward!!!

Brother and my Bart Simpson yellow hair!!
Brother and my Bart Simpson yellow hair!!

On to the next process – held for 40 minutes… surprisingly it didn’t burn. Which helped because I couldn’t leave it Bart Simpson yellow.


The 3rd process – looks can be deceiving because it looked pretty white… but he rinsed out the product and I was still pretty yellow. Not as bad but definitely still yellow. We decided to stop for the evening, my brother was blow drying my hair when he stopped… Didn’t want to do even more damage.


I thought I looked like Tae Yang from Big Bang... look him up if you don't know.
I thought I looked like Tae Yang from Big Bang… look him up if you don’t know.
My mama with her blonde daughter.
My mama with her blonde daughter.

In the picture above, my hair doesn’t look yellow but just trust me, it was. I gave my hair and head a little break and then went back the next day for some more work.

Second day - 4th process for an hour.
Second day – 4th process for an hour.

People ask me why I didn’t dye my eyebrows too, I say why?!?!

Brother decided to do some highlighting instead of doing another process.
Brother decided to do some highlighting instead of doing another process.
Final result!
Final result!

It took me a few days to get used to the change. I will admit I still don’t recognize myself some times. I will say – I love my brown eyes now. Most people were just surprised that I would make such a drastic change. But I just see it as hair, my natural hair color will grow back. For right now, I’m enjoying being a blonde.

Here are some funny reactions to my new hair –

“I knew I heard you! But I didn’t see you.”

– I like this one. 🙂

“Marilyn Monroe.”

– I had to laugh at this one.

“It makes your skin glow.”

– I’ll take it, better than showing me out.

“You look like yourself with brown hair.”

– Out of the mouth of babes.

“We’re triplets!”

– Blonde have to stick together.

“Looks better in real life.”

– I’ll try to take that as a compliment.

That’s all for now. To end this, all I’ll say is – try something different this year. Whether it be small with picking a different restaurant to go to. Or big like switch jobs or cities to live in. Try something – you never know where it might take you.

Blessings and Love,