So I’ve been in Ventura for a little over 2 months now. I’ve been going to different churches trying to find the one that best fits me and where I can see myself getting involved. It was the last church on my list – it was one that I knew NO ONE, I found it on the internet when I searched churches in Ventura.

The place I’m calling my home church is Bible Fellowship Church!! YAY!! When I lived up North, I had gone to one church – found Jesus for the first time there, serviced there, made life-long friends, and that was it. I left that church for a couple different reasons, but I could never find another church to call home. When I moved down here, I was a little overwhelmed. Ventura is not the biggest city but do they have a LOT of churches!! But God is good and we worked through it.

I didn’t go to all of them, I could have kept going but I felt I needed to stop and really settle down. Bible Fellowship is a lot bigger than I was comfortable with at first, but after the first worship song and the message spoke – I knew this one was for me! 🙂 I doubted my decision the minute I made it, but the second Encounter I went to was even better than the first. It’s a bigger church than I’m used to, but people are down to earth and that is a lot for me.

So if you want curious and live in the Ventura area –

Bible Fellowship

6950 Ralston Street

Blessings and Love,


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